MyEclipse and JBoss Tools

05 Sep

I have been using MyEclipse for all my Java development. Its a great IDE and I cant really think of working on a Java project without it. For a project I had to evaluate RichFaces and figure out the best IDE environment for developing the UI. My previous experiences with JSF were not that great and I would not consider at JSF until I looked at RichFaces. Both JSF and RichFaces have evolved. So I wanted to see how I could develop with RichFaces using my favourite IDE MyEclipse and thats where my problems started.

It turns out that MyEclipse and RichFaces dont play too well, or for that matter any of the JBoss Tools plugins. At first I could not understand why. I mean both work with the same version of Eclipse and same versions of plugins like WTP, TPTP, EMF etc. Besides OSGi, p2 equinox should make plugins work seamlessly. But its not that simple. MyEclipse and JBoss have some long-standing differences. Number of MyEclipse users have been sending feature requests since 2007. However, this has not been resolved to date and there is no commitment to resolve this. One of the posts was posted in Jun 2009 and it got a reply asking to add a feature request.

Its looks like both of them wont budge. I think they should think about their users and sort this long-standing issue. Both are great tools and it would immensely benefit the community and also help JSF, and RichFaces if both these tools interoperate. Without this developers using MyEclipse will have no choice but to use JBoss Tools for developing with RichFaces or maybe choose ICEFaces as MyEclipse has built-in support for that. But using RichFaces with MyEclipse is cretainly out of the question, unless you are okay with just using the basic JSF editing without any darg-drop designing.

I welcome any suggestions and would be interested in knowing how you have got around this issue in case you use RichFaces and have MyEclipse.

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