How to change Printer password in OSX

27 Aug

At my work I use a Mac in a Windows environment and once in a while I need to use a printer. Today when I needed to print something it did not work. The print queue showed that authentication was needed. I remembered that the Windows domain had forced me to change my password. So I started searching for a place where I could change the password for the printer.

It seems its not very obvious at first and Googling suggested editing some files related to CUPS. I wasn’t very comfortable with it but I started to play around and then I thought about the Keychain. So here is one of the two ways you can change the password.

Method 1:

1. Go to Spotlight and search for Keychain
2. Select “Passwords” in the left pane
3. In the top right corner search for printer name
4. Double click on the for your printer. The “Kind” column should say “network password”
5. Check the “Show Password” checkbox
6. Enter your OSX login password if prompted
7. Now change the password to new password and click “Save Changes”
8. Now try printing

Method 2:

1. Go to Finder
2. From the menu Go -> Connect to Server
3. Provide the exact same URL that you had given when connecting to the printer.
If you are not sure of the URL used you can find it by running the following command from Terminal

sudo cat /etc/cups/printers.conf

Look for your printer name and a line starting with DeviceURI. Use only the beginning part of the URL which should be of the form

smb://<server name/IP Address>

4. Hit Connect and provide the new username and password
5. Now try printing



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